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College Athletes Love SWIFF

All-American runner, Jacob Parent, tests SWIFF for us. Here's his thoughts and the thoughts of his teammates after they've sniffed his sweaty clothes:

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Easy as 1, 2, 3!

SWIFF just takes a few sprays from each nozzle to apply. Simply:

1. Lay out your clean clothes, shoes, or whatever else.

2. Spray the silver 5-10 times on problem areas like armpits.

3. Spray the gallnut 5-10 times on the same area.

Let it air dry and you're ready to stay fresh anywhere for a ridiculously long time!

*You can also spray both nozzles simultaneously if you're in a rush!


Take The SWIFF Challenge

We guarantee you'll smell the difference when you use SWIFF or your money back!


Watch this journalist take the SWIFF Challenge on the golf course:


1) Spray the left armpit of your shirt with SWIFF, but not the right armpit.

2) Go do your thing and work up a sweat.

3) Take a whiff of both pits at the end of the day and smell the difference.

*If you really want to have fun, film yourself doing the SWIFF Challenge and tag us on social media #SWIFFChallenge!
The science behind SWIFF shows a 99% reduction in odor causers, and lasts through the wash.

The Science

SWIFF has been scientifically tested to reduce odor and odor-causers on different types of fabric, even after washing.

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The SWIFF team staying fresh, Dr. JJ Richardson, Susanna Chan Richardson, and TJ!

Our Story

Dr. JJ Richardson discovered a new antibacterial coating in his lab and Susanna Richardson turned this discovery into an easy-to-use household product. TJ, their son, tested all the spray bottles!

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