1 Bottle Equals

  • Clothes


    Spray your clothes, towels, masks, sheets, and anything else when they come out of the dryer. This locks the freshness in and keeps them smelling fresh after a long day!

  • Gym gear

    Gym gear

    Spray your yoga mat, shoes, harnesses, weights, grips, or anything else you touch in the gym. Stay fresh during your workout by stopping odors before they start!

  • Fabrics


    Spray your couches, pillows, pet beds, carpets, and other upholstery. This keeps odors off your fabric so you can have peace of mind, even if you or your pets cause a mess!



-Hypoallergenic, Pet-Safe, and Kid-Safe

-Organic, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free

-Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

-Odorless and Colorless

-Free from Synthetic Chemicals, Aluminum, Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, Nanoparticles, Fragrances, Propellants, and PFAS

-Incredibly long-lasting (5+ washes with test clothes lasting 50-60 machine washes)

In other words, no more nasty chemicals on your armpits!


A single bottle of SWIFF will protect you longer than 5 sticks of deodorant! That means you save $100's every year by ditching your deodorant and using SWIFF instead.

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  • Odorless


    Smell how you want! SWIFF is made of 2 natural ingredients dissolved in water and doesn't have any smell. That means you can smell how you want, whether that's no smell at all, or the smell of your favorite deodorant, perfume, or cologne. And because SWIFF lasts through the wash, you don't need to remember to apply it every day. In fact, you can go months without having to reapply it to your clothes, shoes, or other items.

  • Invisible


    No more nasty yellow pit stains! SWIFF is built on 10 years of research on the science behind coffee and wine stains. Our magic innovation was developing invisible anti-odor "stains" that last through the wash using 2 natural ingredients. Besides water, SWIFF only has gallnut extract (a colorless plant extract that can stick to anything) and silver ions (a colorless liquid that stops the nasties that cause odor).

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

SWIFF just takes a few sprays from each nozzle to apply. Simply:

1. Lay out your clean clothes, shoes, or whatever else.

2. Spray the silver 5-10 times on problem areas like armpits.

3. Spray the gallnut 5-10 times on the same area.

Let it air dry and you're ready to stay fresh anywhere for a ridiculously long time!


SWIFF in the news...

SWIFF has made the news, and then some!

Take The SWIFF Challenge

We guarantee you'll smell the difference when you use SWIFF or your money back!

1) Spray the left armpit of your shirt with SWIFF, but leave your right armpit unsprayed.

2) Go do your thing and work up a sweat.

3) Take a whiff of your shirt at the end of the day and smell the difference. Better yet, give your shirt to a friend or family member and have them smell for you.

*If you really want to have fun, film yourself doing the SWIFF Challenge and tag us on social media #SWIFFChallenge!

Watch our demo video below on how to use SWIFF and see the SWIFF Challenge in action.

The science behind SWIFF shows a 99% reduction in odor causers, and lasts through the wash.

The Science

SWIFF has been scientifically tested to reduce odor and odor-causers on different types of fabric, even after washing.

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The SWIFF team staying fresh, Dr. JJ Richardson, Susanna Chan Richardson, and TJ!

Our Story

Dr. JJ Richardson discovered a new antibacterial coating in his lab and Susanna Richardson turned this discovery into an easy-to-use household product. TJ, their son, tested all the spray bottles!

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